Add Multiple Users Using the Excel User Uploader


In areas where high volume entry may be required (Users, Courses, Rosters), the Learnsoft LMS offers the capability of adding new items using a formatted Excel spreadsheet and an auto upload feature.

Generally, as noted earlier, Users are added to the system via integration with the organization's HRIS system and a daily User Import service. Administrators usually add or edit additional information that is not provided by this daily process (otherwise it may become overwritten by the next day's process).

For those areas where the User Import service is not being utilized or the HR system does not provide data (for example for non-employees or for employees who have not yet been entered in the HR system), the CSA / Admin has the option of adding users manually one at a time or in bulk using the Excel User Uploader Feature.

To do so follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Advanced View, hover over the User Management dropdown menu and select Users to bring up the User List.
  2. Download the latest version of the uploader:
    1. Click on the User Upload text link in the upper right corner of the Users List screen.
    2. This will pop up a dialog box allowing you to Open or Save an Excel File containing the template required to use the Excel user uploader.
    3. Click Save (or Save as) if wishing to save for future reference and use and follow the standard Windows menu options to give permission and to select where to save the file. When ready to use open in Excel.
    4. Click Open if wishing to use the file at that time. It will launch and open in Excel (you may need to allow permission for the file to open). The Template file will contain sample data.
  3. Fill in the required data and any desired optional data for each user in a separate row (without empty rows)
  4. Erase the Sample data row (Can be done before or after entering data for the actual new users) and make sure there is no stray data elsewhere in the spreadsheet tab.
  5. When finished Save the file on your local drive.
  6. Click the Choose File (Browse for some clients) button in the upper right hand corner to load the Windows open File dialog.
  7. Navigate to the location where the file was saved (in step 5), select and click Open.
    1. The file path should be populated in the Choose File (Browse for some clients) textbox.
  8. Click the Update Users button
  9. Wait while the system processes the users. Each record will be added and a message will display in the upper left corner of the user list.
  10. Check to ensure all users have been added. If not, or if errors, correct the sheet to ensure accurate field entry and repeat steps 5 - 10.
  11. Sort the list by ID in Descending Order. Your users should appear as the last items in the list.