Groups Overview

The LMS system uses groups and policies to define a role in the system. It uses the same functionality of the Windows authentication process to define access rights in the system.

By default all active users in the system belong to a Standard User or student group in their primary division, and secondary groups reflecting additional job assignments. Additionally, users can belong to extra groups like Manager, Instructor, Administrator, etc.

Each group has distinct policies and permissions assigned to it and users that are members of that group can view menu items, access screens and perform functions based on these policies and permissions (For details on adding policies to groups, see separate Policy Feature Guide).

Users can be assigned to more than one group and each group can be associated with the same or different divisions within the organizational structure.

By default the LMS system is loaded with a number of groups with predefined permissions to accomplish the most common tasks. CSAs can also add groups.

How to Access the Groups Feature

To access the Groups Feature, navigate to the Advanced View, hover over the User Management dropdown menu and select Groups.

This will bring up the Group List which provides a listing of all Groups that have been created in the LMS system.

Explanation of Columns: Group List

  • ID - LMS System generated ID based on order of creation.
  • Name - Name of the Group.
  • Description - Description of the group; sometimes lists group functionality.
  • User Count - A View link and count of the number of users that have been associated with this Group
    • Clicking on the View link will bring up a listing of users that are members of the selected group.
  • Delete - Red (X) icon. If available and if clicked, it will ask for confirmation to delete a specific Group (As a precaution, this is disabled by default)

How to Add a Group

To add new group to the LMS system:

In the Advanced View, hover over the User Management dropdown menu and select Groups.

This will bring up the Group List.

  1. Click on the New Group button located in the upper right.
  2. This will bring up the New Group Screen.
  3. Enter a name for the Group in the Group Name* field.
  4. Enter a description for the Group in the Group Description* field.
  5. Click the Save button in the upper right.
  6. The screen will refresh and the new group with the saved information will be shown.
  7. Click the Exit button to return to the Group List, which now contains the New Group.
  8. To make changes, click the edit button and modify group settings from steps 3-5.


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