View, Add and Edit a User's Supervisor

Users are normally brought into the LMS as part of a daily file export process from the client HRIS system and User Import service which processes this file and adds and updates user info in the LMS. As part of this process, or when using the Excel upload process, the user's direct supervisor is also usually added to the system and available for viewing in the Details section of the User profile.

Supervisors take on a Manager role relative to the users they supervise. This provides the Supervisor visibility to their team's assigned learning, completion and compliance status, and other data points within the LMS. The manager may also assign users to courses, approve enrollment requests, and complete user evaluations. 

To view a user's supervisors:

  • Access the User Profile by selecting Advanced Menu, User Management, Users, finding the desired User and clicking on the row of the User's info to launch the User Details Page / Profile.
  • Scroll down to the section Current Supervisors to see a listing of Supervisors associated with the User.

Note: Currently to see the users in a Supervisor's downline, use the login link from their profile to login as the user and view their team tab.

In addition to viewing the user's supervisors, Admins have the capability to add and delete Supervisors associated to specific Users through the User profile.

Delete a supervisor: 

  1. To delete a currently assigned Supervisor, click on the red (X) in the Delete Column on the left side of the row of the specifically named supervisor.
  2. Confirm if asked.

Add a supervisor:

  1. To add a new supervisor, click the New Supervisor button at the top right of the Current Supervisors section.
  2. This will launch the User Lookup / User List in a popup window.
  3. Sort, Navigate and search as required to find the desired supervisor and click the Add User button.
  4. The popup will close and the selected user will be shown as a supervisor in the Current Supervisors section.
  5. Repeat as necessary for any additional supervisors.