Users Available Learning Object Sessions

Users are able to access a listing of their currently enrolled and their completed courses by navigating to the Courses / Transcripts sections, respectively when in the simple view. Admins and managers can see a historical listing of all student Learning Session (Course) objects by navigating to the Available Learning Object Sessions of the User Profile. You can also Cancel current enrollment and view associated course attachments.

To access Available Learning Object Sessions,

  1. Access the User Profile by selecting Advanced Menu, User Management, Users, finding the desired User and clicking on the row of the User's info to launch the User Details Page / Profile.
  2. Either click on the Enrollments tab of the Navigation menu or scroll down to the Available Learning Object Sessions section to see an abbreviated listing of all the user's learning objects.
  3. To see a full listing of Learning Object Sessions, click the Show More Learning Object Sessions text link at the bottom left of the listing. This will expand the list to show all the sessions. 
  4. Some columns are sortable by clicking the text header.  Toggle ascending / descending sorts with each additional click.
  5.  Review desired information and / or view any course or course attachments by clicking on the associated (Session Detail) links.
  6. If a User is in the Enrolled Status and you have sufficient policy rights, you may cancel a user out of a learning object session:
    1. Put a check in the corresponding Select boxes in the Actions column. 
    2. From the Update Enrollments dropdown select Cancel
    3. An additional dropdown will allow you to indicate the reason for the cancellation.
    4. A text entry corresponding with the Other: option will allow for an alternate reason that will be displayed in the Status along with the cancellation.
    5. Click the Update Enrollments button.

Example listing of a user's Available Learning Object Sessions.

Explanation of Columns: Available Learning Object Sessions

  • Learning Object - The name of the course.
  • Status - The student's status (e.g. Enrolled, Cancelled (by whom), Complete)
  • Complete Date- Date of Completion
  • Type - Course Type (e.g. On-line, classroom, manual, historical) and ability to launch online course if enabled
  • Start Date - Course Start date
  • Score - Score of associated test or grade by instructor
  • Assignment - How the course was enrolled (e.g. Elective (self), Enrolled (by Whom), Mandatory (Assignment Name) and Deadline if any)
  • Attachment - a link to course attachments
  • Actions - Allows the Admin to cancel the course session and provide the reasoning.
  • Details - Links to the session details for additional information about this user's history in this course including status and attempt histories.