How to Navigate the User Profile Section

When selecting a specific user within the Users Feature, the User Details page (aka User Profile) of the specific user will be accessed.

At the top of the page are four buttons:

  • Print Transcript - Launches a viewable report with the user's transcript information. Icons in the top left corner allow you to print or export the information.
  • Edit - Puts you in "Edit Mode" so you can edit the user's profile (Click save when edits are complete).
  • Audit Trail - provides a listing of recent changes made to a user's profile and by whom.
  • Exit - Returns you to the User List.

Additionally, each User Profile will consist of a series of sections, which may be accessed by either scrolling down the page or by clicking on specific Navigation Tabs which are available at the top of the profile. Note: Depending on the specific configuration, some of the tabs shown below may not be visible or accessible).

Navigation Tab Descriptions

  • All - Display all profile details.
  • Details - Display only the User Details sections including DetailsCurrent Supervisors, Current Custom User Fields, Current User Preference and Attachment sections.
  • Groups - Display only the Available Groups section
  • Certifications - Display only the Certifications belonging to this User.
  • Enrollments - Displays attachments and all the Learning Objects (Courses) and enrollment / completion status. Admins can Cancel enrollment in this section.
  • Assignments - Display all the User's Assignments.
  • Skills - Display the User's Skills (Part of the ROMS Module)
  • Evaluation - Displays User Evaluations (Part of the TMS system).
  • Competency Analysis - Displays an analysis of the User's competency against company standards (Part of the TMS system).
  • Succession - Displays information about succession planning (Part of the TMS system).