User Profile Assignments Section

Administrators can view a listing of assignments that have been associated with this particular user.

Access the User Profile by selecting Advanced Menu > User ManagementUsers, locate the User and click on the row of the User's info to launch the User Details Page / Profile.

Either click on the Assignments tab of the Navigation menu or scroll down to the Available Assignment Sessions section to see an abbreviated listing of all the user's assignments.

To see a full listing of Available Assignment Sessions, click the Show More Assignment Sessions text link at the bottom left of the listing. This will expand the list to show all the sessions.

From this view it's possible to update the Due Date for an assignment and Reset the user's enrollment. 


Explanation of Columns: Available Learning Object Sessions

  • Name - The name of the assignment.
  • Learning Object- The name of the associated learning object (course.)
  • Status - The student's status (e.g. Enrolled, Cancelled (by whom), Complete)
  • Date Complete - Date of Completion
  • Due Date - Assignment Due date
  • Complete - indicates whether assignment has been completed (Yes / No)