Test Library Overview

In Learnsoft LMS, testing consists of a series of Assessment Tests that are organized in the Test Library. Once the test is created, test sessions are also created. Test sessions are associated with a specific test. Once a test session is created, it can be associated with an instructor-led or web-based training course.

The Test Library feature allows the Administrator to list, create, modify, and delete test assessments. Test assessments include both test questions and test answers. These question / answer combinations can take the form of true / false, multiple choice, fill in the blank or free form text.

The basic steps to the Test Creation process are:

  1.  Add a new Test Library
    A Test Library is simply a container for a test instance and is the basic building block of a test. To view a list of existing test libraries and to Add a New Test use the > Advanced View > Learning Object dropdown box and select Vendors.
  2. Create a Test Instance
    A Test Instance is a schedulable version of a test containing a number of attributes, for example, if the user can retake the test and how many times. It can be created after saving a new Test Library or by clicking the New Test Instance button when viewing the instance list of a specific Test Library. When associating a test to a Learning Object / course, it is the test instance which is selected.
  3. Add Questions to a test
    After creating a Test Library, questions can be added to the test. There are options that allow for randomization or ordering. Questions can be added by selecting to the View link in the questions column of the Test library in the Test List and clicking the New Test Question button.
  4. Add Answers to the question
    After creating a test question, the creator can add new test answers to the question. For example, a multiple-choice question may have a series of possible test answers in which one answer is deemed correct. Options allow for answer text, answer type, whether the answer is the correct and the order in which answers will appear to the user.
  5. Add Attachments to the questions (optional)
    After creating a test question, the creator may add an attachment to the question. For example, a question may refer to information found in an attached image file.

    Once the test is created, it can be added to a course or similar Learning Object.