Same As functionality

The Same As feature allows administrators to mark different courses as equivalent for credit, completion and reporting purposes.

The Same As setting can be found on the Learning Object settings page in the Advanced Section. Ensure that all corresponding courses have their equivalent counterparts added.

For example, if you offer different modalities of the same course, go into the instructor led course and add the self-paced version in the Same As field. Then go to the self-paced online version and add the instructor led in the Same As field. 


An example of the Same As feature in action for an Assignment:

A User is assigned a singular or series of classroom-based (ILT) or online-based (WBT) courses. For this example, 

  • User - Student X
  • Assignment Name - "Annual Required Classes Assignment"
  • Names of the Assigned courses: 
    • Online Course A
    • Online Course B
    • Classroom Course A

Upon Assignment, when Student X views his My Courses tab it lists the three above courses as individual items and will mark each with the "Annual Required Class Assignment"

Student X realizes he took a course that was equivalent to Classroom Course A outside of the LMS system and shows proof of completion to an LMS Administrator. For this example, we will name the Course "Outside Classroom Course A". 

The LMS Administrator will take the following steps: 

  1. Create a manual Entry Course named "Outside Classroom Course A". 
  2. Locate the Same As selector to search, select and add "Classroom Course A" to this course. 
  3. Add Student X as enrolled in the course
  4. Mark Student X as having completed the course. 

Upon being marked as completed in this Same As course, Student X's record will update with the following changes: 

  • In Transcripts, "Outside Classroom Course A" will be added as completed. 
  • In My Courses, the line item for "Classroom Course A" will no longer be visible. 
  • In Transcripts, "Classroom Course A" will be visible and added as completed. 
  • The Assignment will mark "Classroom Course A" as completed for this user.