Reports Overview

Robust reporting capabilities provide standard and custom views of data

The Reports Feature provides LMS Administrators and Managers access to Learning Object and User data for operational, decision making and compliance purposes.

The Learnsoft LMS provides extensive reporting capabilities, including reports customized specifically to individual client specifications.

Reports can generally be filtered using associated selectors (e.g. Course, User info, Date / Time, etc.) and access to data will be limited to defined User Policies and Availability. For example, a manager in department Y will see the data for only that department’s users while a manager in department Z will see the data for only that department’s users while a Client Super Administrator (CSA) can view all user data.

Additionally, reports can be printed or exported to standardized formats including PDF, Excel and Excel (data only) options. In the latter, they can be further sorted, filtered and manipulated using the power of Excel spreadsheets and emailed to managers, executives and others within and outside the organization.

If the Report Writer module has been purchased, Admins can also customize or create custom reports (see separate Report Writer Feature Guide).

Finally, Reports can be scheduled for recurring creation and distribution as an attachment to a customized email (see separate Report Scheduler Feature Guide).

For further details, including a brief listing of reports and a general step-by-step process to access, filter, generate, view, print, export and schedule reports, see the associate Reports - How to Guide.