How to View, Print and Export Reports

Working with the report interface

Reports found within the Report tab offer the option to View and Export the report by selecting the View Report or Export Report buttons, respectively. When selecting to Export, a dropdown offers the options of exporting to a PDF or Excel file.

Viewing and Exporting Report Options from the Report Selectors Page

Once a report is generated for viewing, there will be options to print or export the report by selecting the respective printer icon or export icon (disk drive with arrow), respectively.

Printing and Exporting icons offering options from within the report

If the Print Icon is selected, a separate Print Dialog Box will popup. Manage the settings as per your normal printing processes and click the Print button to print the report.

Print dialog box

If the Export Icon is selected, a separate Export Dialog Box will popup. Choose the format of the file from the File Format dropdown box and select the Print Range of all or selected pages, then click the export button.

Export dialog box