Notifications overview

Notifications are real-time, event-based messages that trigger emails to users, managers and others based on system events.

In the Learnsoft LMS, the Notification Messages feature is where the CSA can manage the event based messaging system that provides emails to users, managers and others based on system events, such as enrolling in a course.

The LMS integrates with an e-mail service as a method to inform employees/users via e-mail about updates to their learning activities.

In the Notification Message Feature, Administrators are able to create custom messages in the system that pertains to many different policies within the LMS.

These customized messages can also be assigned at the specific Learning Object / Course level, allowing for a far greater degree of message customization than in the past.

Global System Notification Messages can be displayed to all users at the top of the screen and / or in a separate pop-up window. These messages can contain videos (See the separate Global System Notification Message Guide).

To access the Notification Message Feature, navigate to the Advanced View, hover over the Learning Object dropdown menu and select Notification Message.


This will bring up the Notification Message List screen which displays Notification Messages that have previously been added to the system.

There are thirteen (13) default Notification Message Types, each associated with a specific system Policy and event.