Understanding the Messaging Hierarchy

When an event triggers a message, the specific message sent will be based on the messaging hierarchy

The messaging hierarchy checks for customizations closest to the event and works toward the default. 

1. Specific to the Learning Object / Course

If there is a message for the specific event that has been added to the new Available Notification Messages section of the Learning Object / Course for the specific Course affected, this message will be sent to the selected recipients.

2. Customized system notifications

If there is NO specific message associated for an event at the course level, the system will check to see if the Notification Key Objects (Email Subject Resource Key& Email Body Resource Key:) are populated. If so, it will send a system-based message associated with that message key.

  • These system messages are NOT accessible or editable by the Admin.
  • These may or may not equate with the message shown in the specific Header and Body sections of the chosen message.
  • These system messages will adjust to the language setting of the particular user (if that language library is available).

3. Default

If there is NO specific message associated for an event at the course level and Notification Key Object Fields are blank, the system will use the default message that is shown in the messaging of the Notification message.