How to manage course Rosters

The roster is the control screen for the course instance

To access a class or instance roster: 
  1. Click on the Learning Objects Menu
  2. Adjust the 'Displaying' Drop Menu and use the filters to locate the course.
  3. Click on the View Link under row titled “Class Count” for the course. This will open the Instance list. 
  4. Click on the View Link in the Roster column for the instance you need to review or update.

Reading the roster table


Locate the gear icon on the far left of the Roster table to add or remove columns on the roster view. Some of the most common fields:

  • ID - Session ID that correlates the student to the Instance
  • Actions - Available Options to mark user's status (Complete, No Show, skip), to Cancel, Move or Replace a user, and to mark a user Passed or Failed or enter or review grades for the user enrolled in the given roster.
  • Name - Enrollee Full Name
  • Employee ID - Employee ID for the enrolled students.
  • Active - True if the student has an active status and False is the student is inactive in the LMS.
  • Course - Title of the Course
  • Department - Primary department the user is affiliated with
  • Type - Type of Course - online, instructor led, manual
  • Start Date - Start Date of the Course if applicable
  • End Date - End Date of the Course if applicable
  • Facility - Facility the students are affiliated with
  • Enroll Date - Date and time the students were enrolled in the course

Updating Completion Status and Grades

From the Roster, Users can be marked under the Actions column with options depending on the course settings. 

A Classroom course will have completion/attendance options for:

  • No Show” status for this session. If the “Allow No Show’ feature was marked at the instance level for this session, the student will be able to move into another date for this classroom course.
  • Mark user(s) record as "Complete" for this classroom course
  • The defaulted selection is Skip, so the status will not update the roster for the user, allowing the instructor to come back at a later time and update the record.

An Online course will have completion options for: 

  • Incomplete the user did not complete course.
  • Complete will be marked automatically by completion of the online course requirements and can be marked manually to update the roster. 
  • The defaulted selection is Skip so the status will not update the roster for the user.

If the course is Pass/Fail 

  • Pass to indicate has successfully completed the requirements.
  • Fail to indicate the user has not successfully completed the requirements.

If the course is graded and requires a passing Score

  • Score is a text entry box to enter the score
  • Req is the required score for passing

If the course grants Credit Units/Hours/Others

  • Units | Hours | Others is a text entry box to enter the credits
  • Req is the (max) number of credits as set on the course settings 

Other options for removing a user from the roster

  • Cancel out of this instance by clicking "X Cancel"
  • Moved to a new Instance by clicking "Move"
  • Replaced by another participant by clicking "Replace"

If a course uses PreTest, Test, Checklist or Evaluation, links to those are also displayed in the Actions column.

Using the Actions menu

There are three key sections to the Actions menu:

  1. Student Status Options
  2. Cancellation Options
  3. Roster Options

Student Status and Cancellation options provide a way to bulk update user records on the roster. Select the user(s) to update or take action on by putting a check in the box to the left of their entry.

Click [Actions] button to open the Actions menu. 


Student Status Options

Select the Status Type (no show, cancel, complete) from the drop menu and click [Upload/Update Roster] to save this status for the selected users. 

Selecting "Move" will dynamically present a new dropdown allowing for the selection of another available instance to move the user's enrollment. 


Cancellation Options

Select the Cancellation reason from the dropdown.

Optionally add an additional short note in the text field.

Click [Cancel Enrollments] to save this cancellation status for the selected users. 



A series of buttons to trigger Other Roster Options are Across the bottom of the Actions popup.

Print Roster

Click the [Print Roster] button to open a print friendly version of the roster. This will include a header with the course instance details and then the records for all users in the Enrolled status.

This is sometimes used as a physical sign-in sheet. 

Export Roster

To Export a spreadsheet view of the Roster, click the [Export Roster] button.

Follow any prompts for Saving and to Open file (may differ based upon computer, network setup, security settings, and Excel version).

Mass Roster Email to Students

Select the user(s) by putting a check in the box to the left of their entry.

Click [Actions] button to open the Actions menu, and then click the [Email] button.

Select email audience group. *Note email addresses are pulled from the users profiles. If other is selected, place email address(s) in the free form field and comma delimited.

Enroll in Another Course

There may be instances where you want to add users from the roster to another course -- either for remediation or for the next course in a series. 

Click the [Enroll in Another Course] button to launch the Learning Object Instance List. 

Use the Search to locate the course(s) where you want to enroll the selected users.

Select the course by marking the checkbox to the left of the course name.

Click the [Add Learning Object]

The window will close and an enrollment confirmation message should appear at the top of the roster screen.