Evaluations Overview

Evaluations enable the creation, distribution, completion collection, aggregation and reporting of appraisal information.

The Learnsoft LMS supports the use of two basic kinds of Evaluations –

Class / Instructor Evaluations completed by students. (Evaluations can also be used by instructors to evaluate students in a class).
Performance Evaluations related to the Talent Management modules of the Learnsoft system, in which a manager or peer evaluates an employee

This guide will focus on the Class / Instructor Evaluations.

Screenshot of a sample Evaluation form is below:


There are 3 basic activities associated with evaluations:

Creation > Use > Reporting

Evaluation Creation: There are four basic steps to the Evaluation Creation Process:

  1. Create Ratings – Evaluation Answers and Scoring (see Working with Evaluation Rating types)
  2. Create Evaluations – Name the evaluation, select the evaluation type, associate default rating and select attributes.
  3. Create Evaluation Questions – After the evaluation is saved, specific questions to include in the evaluation form can be added and rating, scoring, comments and additional attributes selected.
  4. Apply Evaluations to Courses – At the course level, select the specific evaluation from a dropdown list of saved evaluations; at the instance level, select whether to make the evaluation mandatory.

Evaluation Use - From a user standpoint, the user needs to access, complete and save the evaluation.
Evaluation Reporting - Finally, the administrator, manager or instructor can view evaluation related reports.