Enrollment Authorization

Some courses may require authorization or approval for a user to enroll.

Authorization can be granted by the instructor, the user's manager, or another group of users in the system, and multiple levels of approval can be added. 

Set up Authorization on the Learning Object Instance

Enrollment authorization is set on the learning object instance. Create or edit a Learning Object Instance. 

  1. When setting up or editing Learning Object Instance details, uncheck ByPass Authorization to enable the authorization process for this instance.
    Image of Learning Object instance settings page with ByPass Authorization setting and Authorizer groups setting highlighted.
  2. After you uncheck the ByPass Authorization box, the Authorizer Groups box will appear on the lower right side of the instance.
  3.  Select the group to provide authorization. In the example, the Manager will be the Authorizer group.
  4. Save the instance.

To add multiple levels of authorization

Multiple levels of authorization can be added to a course. To add additional levels:

  1. Without turning editing on, scroll down on the details screen of the instance and locate the section for Available Authorizer Groups. You should see the initial Authorizer group that was added in the step above. They will be listed as Level 1.
  2. Click the [New Authorizer Group] button to add a level of authorization.

    Image of Available Authorizer Groups section with cursor hovering over the New Authorizer Groups button. 
  3. Select the Group, indicate the Level or order of this approval, and if you have a custom Notification Message for this approval. 
    Image of the Learning Object Authorizer Group Details settings
  4. [Save] to return to the Instance details screen, or [Save and New] to add additional levels.

Student Requests Enrollment that requires Authorization

With authorization enabled, students will not immediately have access to the course. The Student workflow for Authorization will be:

  1. Student enrolls themselves into Learning Object Instance: Search tab > Enter name of 
    class > select search > select “Details – Enroll(Self)”
  2. Course Instance Details – If "Manager" is the approval group, the student will need to select their direct supervisor from the Authorizer box on the right side.
  3. After student selects direct supervisor, they click on the [Enroll] button.
  4. Student is then redirected to the LMS page and an enrollment pending message is
    displayed at the top of the screen.

Authorizer marks approval

This triggers an email to the Manager or other user who needs to approve the enrollment.

To view pending courses that need your approval, from the Teams tab (1), select the Enrollment sub-tab (2) to display the list of Pending courses (3).

Click the Enroll or Deny option for each pending course. 

Image of Pending course enrollments via the manager Team tab. The Team tab, Enrollment tab, Pending course selection dropdown and list of pending enrollments are highlighted with the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.  After the Manager gives approval, the student receives an enrollment complete email and calendar appointment. When the Student logs back into the LMS, the class is now in their “My Task" list.