How to Create a Scheduled Report

Allow reports to be delivered directly to users by email

The ability to configure Scheduled Reports is only available to CSA’s (and designated Report Admins with Schedule Report rights).

Navigate to the Schedule Report section.

Click the New button. This will bring up a blank Schedule Report details page.

There are generally 3 sections (details may differ depending on underlying report parameters):
  1. Schedule Report Section - Controls the Report Scheduling / Distribution.
  2. User Info Details - User and date filter options.
  3. Selector - Learning object (e.g. Course, Certification), Job, Availability, etc. filter options for what is included in the report.

NOTE: Only the Schedule Report Section will be detailed in this document. For the other sections, see general REPORT Documentation.

Configuring the Scheduled Report

Enter a name for the Scheduled Report in the Report Schedule Name text field.  

Optional but recommended - Enter a Description for the scheduled report. This will make it easier when reviewing and searching in the future.

Use the Report drop down to select a report you wish to schedule from the list of existing reports.

When should this be delivered?

Select the Scheduling parameters

Click the Scheduled? checkbox if the report is to be actively scheduled and execute when the Report Service runs.

Use the Scheduled Type drop down selector to select the frequency of report creation / delivery (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Six Month, Annually)

Note: Non Daily selections run at predefined intervals, for example, Weekly, executes each Friday at the end of the work week.

Who should receive the report? 

Select the Recipient parameters:

Groups - Select the LMS Group(s) to receive the report. Multi-selection is allowed.

Available Users - Use the Add / Remove buttons to add specific users to the Recipient / Distribution list for the specific scheduled report.

Note: Each individual will only see data results that is allowed by their specific group / availability rights (e.g. Division A Manager will see different data result set than Division B Manager result set)

What should the email contain?

Use the Export Type drop down selector to select the report attachment export format (PDF, EXCEL, EXCEL - DATA ONLY)

Customize the email that contains the report:

Enter the email subject in the Email Subject text box.

Enter the email message in the Email Body text box.

Use the Words Dropdown / Add To Email Subject button if wishing to add variables to the email subject line that will update at runtime

Select the Specific filters using the User Info Details and Selector sections. Only filters that are available when creating the underlying report should be selected. 

Saving the Scheduled Report

Once all entries have been made and all filters selected, click the Save button.

The Schedule Report Page will be available in review mode. If wishing to Edit, click the Edit button. If wishing to Cancel and return to the Report List where this report will now be displayed, click the Cancel button.