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Add a checklist of objectives to a course

There are two ROMS related settings in the course and course instance.

The first will enable or Allow ROMS to be associated with the learning object or course. 

Allow ROMS

When creating or editing a course in which you wish to allow ROMS:

  1. From the Learning Object Details screen, check the Allow ROMS checkbox.
  2. Ensure that you click the Save button when finished adding all elements desired.
  3. This now provides the options needed to Add a Checklist of Objectives to a Course

Force ROMS

If completion of the checklist is required for completion of the course, enable Force ROMS for the course session. 



Add a Checklist of Objectives to a Course

To associate a new Objective with this course, click on the New Objectives button. This will launch the Learning Object Objectives details screen, which will allow you to both associate an already created skill and enter additional objective information.

  1. Select the specific Learning Object Course to which you wish to associate an ROMS and open the (Course) Learning Object Details Page.
    Note: Do NOT select “Edit” Mode (Do not click on the EDIT button which allows you to edit Course details as this makes ROMS info read only.
  2. Scroll down to the Available Objectives section in the lower portion of the page.
  3. Click on the New Objectives button on the right side of the Available Objectives section.
  4. This will bring up the Learning Object Objectives Details page in a separate (pop-up) browser window. It is here where you specify attributes for this specific ROMS / Course association.

  5. Enter the required information and any desired optional attribute information.
  6. Click the Save button located near the top right of the screen to save the attribute association between this particular Course and Objective.

Continue associating the related objectives by repeating steps 3-6 above.