How to Create a Catalog

Catalogs provide a way to organize courses and control access and visibility.

Accessing the Catalogs Feature

  1. Select Advanced View
  2. Hover over the Learning Objects dropdown Menu
  3. Click on the Catalogs option


This will bring up the Catalogs List which provides a listing of all current catalogs.


Creating a New Catalog

  1. To create a new Click the New Catalog button in the Upper right-hand corner of the Catalogs List.
  2. The Catalogs Details page will load.
  3. Fill in required and optional fields (see next section).
  4. When complete, click the Save button.


Explanation of Fields:

  • Name The name of the Catalog to be created, to which certain courses are going to belong.
  • Description Free format description or details of the catalog. This will only be visible to other administrative users.
  • Is Root If this is the first catalog that is being created, it must be set as the root. All subsequent catalog categories should not have this box checked.
  • Is Public If this catalog is to be seen by all users, this box should be checked.
  • Ownership The LMS provides the option to have catalogs protected by use and sight from other users on the system. Three options exist –
    • Private option will only allow users from the creator’s department to access this catalog. For example, if the person creating this catalog is in the Legal Department, then by specifying that this catalog is private and will only allow users who are part of the legal department to see this course.
    • By specifying “any other user(s)”, the box below needs to contain the names of the users who have access to this catalog.
  • Users To add a user, click on the add button. To delete a user from the list, click the Remove button. By clicking one of the buttons, a user dialog box is displayed.
  • Job position To add a Job Position, click on the add button. To delete from the list, click the Remove button. By clicking one of the buttons, a job position dialog box is displayed.
  • Catalog Tree The right side of the screen displays the existing catalog structure, depending on the level that is currently checked, it will add this node inside the checked node of the tree.