What is the Assignment Scheduler?

Assignment Scheduler is a service that enables courses to be automatically assigned to individual or groups of users with a specified deadline based on Administrator defined criteria.

Assignments can be one time or recurring events.

Assignments can be set up as daily routines to search for new hires and then make it mandatory for them to attend company or safety orientation classes. They can also be run on an annual basis to ensure compliance courses are taken by all employees, or a one-time basis to enroll individuals with specific job positions or at specific locations within the organization in a training course that must be completed within a specified timeframe.

The Assignment Scheduler has an advanced feature that allows CSAs to create, modify, and delete assignments for individual or groups of students that meet specific criteria set by the Admin. These assignments can be executed based on a defined deadline using an external service that runs daily, usually at night.

An assignment requires three elements to be successfully executed:

  1. Scope - This determines which users or group of users will receive an assignment.
  2. Deadline - This determines when the users will receive the assignment and the expected date of completion.
  3. Learning object(s) - What will be assigned -- course(s), certifications, goals, or performance review forms for clients using the TMS system.