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How to add a Skill to the system

An objective or competency checklist of skills can be added to a course. The first step is to add skills to the system

To Add a new Skill or competency to the LMS system, go into Advanced View and click on the User Management dropdown and click Skill. 

This will bring up the Skill list screen displaying any Skills that have been previously added to the system. 

screenshot of the skill list

Click on the [New Skill] button in the list header bar. 

This will launch the New Skill Details screen. The level of detailed entry will vary based on your organizational needs. 


Enter a Description of the skill in the description field (This can also be understood as the competency which will be tested or demonstrated by the learner).

Select a Skill Type to indicate an internal competency, external competency, or skill. 

Some external competencies have a launch URL; enter that in the Objective URL field. 

Select a Vendor and add their Skill ID as appropriate. 

Click the [Save] button located near the top right of the screen.

The Skill has now been created and will be available in the Skill List. Repeat this step as necessary for all Skills to which ROMS will be associated.


Delete and Edit Skills cautiously as it will edit or remove the associated competencies that have been used in checklist. 

Edit a Skill

To make changes to a skill, access the Skill List screen (Advanced View > User Management > Skills)

Use the navigation and search features to identify the specific skill you wish to edit.
Click on the row of this skill (in the ID or Name column) to launch the Skill Details Screen associated with the specific skill.

Edit as desired.

Click the [Save] button to save edited changes.

Delete a Skill

Access the Skill List screen (Advanced View > User Management > Skills).

Use the navigation and search features to identify the specific skill you wish to delete.

Click on the red (X) delete icon in the same row to the far right of this skill.

A popup box will ask for confirmation to delete.

Click the [OK] button to confirm the deletion.