Adding an Evaluation to a Course

Once an evaluation is created in the system, it can be added to a course as optional or mandatory for course completion

Select an Evaluation in the Learning Object (Course) Details Page
Whether adding a new course or editing an existing course:

  1. Access the Learning Object (Courses) Details page of the specific course.
  2. Navigate to the Evaluation option and associated dropdown box on the left side of the page about ½ way down
  3. Select the evaluation to associate with this course from the Evaluation dropdown box.
  4. When complete with all entries or edits, click the Save button at the top of the Learning Object Details page.

There are also additional settings on the Learning Object Instance to control when the evaluation is available and if it is mandatory. 

How to Make an Evaluation Mandatory in a Class Instance

By default, completion of evaluations is optional. Evaluations can be mandatory, so the evaluation is a requirement for course completion to receive credit for the course. 

  1. Create or edit a specific course instance where you want to require an evaluation by navigating to the Learning Object Instance Details page.
  2. Click the checkbox to the right of the Force Evaluation text in the right group of course instance attributes.
  3. When complete with all entries or edits, make sure to save the by clicking the Save (or Save and Exit) button.

Evaluation Start and End Days

In addition to forcing or making an evaluation mandatory, settings for the Start and End Days control when users can complete the evaluation. These settings can work independently, or in combination. 

To set a date range, enter a number of days in the textbox to indicate when a learner can complete the evaluation after meeting the other requirements of the course. Zero would be the day of the course or course completion. End days would be the number of days the evaluation is available to them after completing the course.

eval-forcesettings2Evaluation from Transcript 

If the evaluation is forced and the user does not complete the evaluation within the required date range, the evaluation becomes unavailable for the user to access or complete. If that field is checked, it will allow the user to access the evaluation from their transcript.

Accessing and Completing Evaluations

When an Evaluation is associated with a course, it will show in the listing of courses in the (Simple View) My Courses Tab to the right of the course name as a checklist icon with the text Evaluation below. 


To access and complete the evaluation, users will:

  1. Click on the Evaluation icon/link.
  2. This will launch the evaluation form in a separate window.
  3. Complete the evaluation following directions as to whether to select single or multiple ratings and whether comments are required or optional.
  4. When finished click the Save button at the top of the Evaluation.
    If required information is missing, a popup message may prompt the user to complete missing responses prior to being able to save successfully.


Viewing Evaluation Reports

There are a number of Standard Reports associated with classroom / instructor and performance evaluations. For details on how to access, view, print and export reports, please see the separate Reports guides.

Below is a sample of an Evaluation Details Report: