Add Customized Notification Messages to Learning Objects / Courses

Whether adding a new course or editing an existing course:

  1. Access the Learning Object (Courses) Details page of the specific course to which you wish to add a Notification Message.
  2. Navigate to the Available Notification Messages section which is near the bottom of the page (Just above the Internal Information Section)
    Note - If using an existing, saved Learning Object / Course, this section is immediately accessible. If creating a new Learning Object / Course, you must first Save the Learning Object to make this section visible. 
  3. Click the New Notification Message button. This will bring up the Add Notification Message screen in a popup window.
  4. Use the Status dropdown box to select the event that will trigger the notice.
  5. Use the Notification Message dropdown box to select from all the saved Notification Messages.
  6. Continue adding additional custom Notification Messages to this course, click Save and New 
  7. Once done adding custom Notification Messages to this course, click Save. This will save the association between the Notification Message, triggering event and the Learning Object / course and return you to the Course Details page where the selected Notification Message will appear in the Available Notification Messages section.