Add an Attachment to a Test Question

Adding an attachment to a test question is done from the Test Questions Details page of the Test Question. If you have just created a test question or added the answers to a question, then you are already on the correct screen to add an attachment. 

If you outside the Test Library module, then you should navigate back to this section to continue. 

  1. Click the New Attachment button in the Attachment section.
  2. This will launch the Add Attachment window.
    Note - If there are previous attachments, they will be listed with icons and can be selected for deletion by clicking on the red (X) to the left of row of the attachment.
  3. Here is the explanation of the fields to add an attachment:
    1. Type:  A dropdown list with the following options: Course Document, Others, Performance Review Document, Primary Image and User Document
    2. Enter File Location - Click on the Choose File button to select the document or image to upload from your computer.
    3. Name - Enter a name for the document or image.
    4. Description - Enter a description for the document or image.
    5. Is URL: - Currently not in use. Do not use.
    6. Email To / Other Emails - Not is use. Do not use. Leave blank.
  4. Select the document using the Choose File button. This should launch a familiar windows style File Upload popup box.
  5. Navigate to the file and click the Open button to attach it to the test question.
  6. Enter the optional attachment information and click Upload File button. 
  7. The popup window should close, and the screen will return to the Test Question Details page with an icon and information in the Attachments section representing the file just uploaded.