Accreditations Overview

Use of the Accreditation feature allows a single Learning Object to have multiple credentials attached, each with their own attributes, such as credit hours.  User can select the relevant credential / accreditation and the system would utilize the associated attributes for that user. 

For example, a single compliance course can be offered to all new employees, but the number of credit hours, associated tests, passing grades, requirements for evaluations, etc., can be different for Physicians, Nurses, Administrators, etc., based upon the specific Accreditation options offered and selected.

There are four basic steps to the Accreditation Process:

  1. Add a Vendor;
  2. Create an Accreditation;
  3. Add an Accreditation to a Course;
  4. Select an Accreditation.
The first three steps are performed by those with sufficient rights to perform these actions such as a lms administrator and instructor; the fourth step is performed by the user.